"Nunc est bibendum" or "Now it's time to drink"

So said Horace in ancient times.
This motto is behind Gotan Wine, a wine distribution company, new and ambitious which has the mission to spread the fine wine culture in Albania and in the entire Balkan area.
The huge passion for the good wine, led us to select for you some of the best and most famous wine producers in the world. We have a direct relationship with them, which allows us to constantly meet them and have a vintage report and an estimate of the flavor of their wines.
In our wine shop located in the beautiful and ancient city of Durres (Albania), you will find more than 200 different labels, all originating in the most important wine regions worldwide, especially from the Langhe (Piedmont – Italy) and Burgundy (France).
We want to convey to our customers, whether they are restaurants, shops, bars or simple wine enthusiasts, the same emotions we feel when we hold a bottle of wine.
For not boring you any further, we invite you to our shop where you will find cordiality and competence and for sure…a good glass of wine!!